Young Drivers’ Insurance Costs

How many young drivers completely underestimate the cost of insuring their first car?

The answer is – the vast majority.

The average young driver policy now costs just under £1,000 per year. This is almost a massive three times higher than the average UK private car driver of £365. In line with this the excess payable on any claim is also significantly higher.

If the young driver gets through with no claims during the first year or so, whilst driving on their own policy, the financial benefits are quite dramatic. The No Claims Bonus earned will reduce the premiums and could be worth in excess of £500.

Obviously the lack of experience is a big factor on determining these prices. Thankfully, it is mainly minor damage that is the consequence of this lack of experience and this is where we, at Bumps & Scuffs, can help.


We will work with you to repair your car without the need to involve your insurance company.  So, in the event that you do suffer any damage do, please, come and talk to us. Bumps & Scuffs deal with all sorts of minor accident damage repairs and will return your vehicle to you at a fraction of the cost of body repair shops.

So, not only will your vehicle be repaired in a cost effective manner but, in most cases there will be no danger of your very valuable No Claims Bonus being lost.

In the event that the damage does require the involvement of your insurance company we can also help with that. Our services extend beyond minor damage.  We can also undertake large area repairs and all at very competitive prices.

Please visit our Farnham site to obtain a FREE, no-obligation quotation.  Just five minutes from the Shepherd & Flock roundabout on the road to Birdworld –  simply click here to download a useful map.

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