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imageWe all know that awful feeling when a shiny alloy wheel is grazed upon a pavement whilst trying to negotiate a tight spot – but don’t worry, at Bumps and Scuffs we are alloy wheel repair specialists. 

Kerb damage and corrosion are easily removed, before we prime, paint and complete the job with a smooth, immaculate finish.

Our service is quick and convenient – minor scrapes or scuffs can be repaired on a same day basis, and any significant damage only takes a couple of days to bring back to good-as-new condition.

What’s more, Bumps and Scuffs offer a cost-effective service: to replace an alloy wheel is usually well into triple figures, but our prices start at about £60 for alloy wheel refurbishment.

So the next time you get a bit too close and personal with a pavement, don’t worry – we can erase the problem quickly and cheaply (so nobody need ever know!).

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