Paintwork Revitalisation & Full Resprays in Farnham, Surrey & Hampshire

Over time even the best car paint work will develop defects such as swirl marks and random scratches. Pollution in the atmosphere also causes your paint work to lose its showroom lustre – but there is a solution.

We can bring your car paintwork back to life by using a combination of rotary polishers. Often referred to as ‘Mopping’, this process produces spectacularly good results by bringing back the depth and clarity it originally boasted.

This technique also affords great protection against paintwork affected by traffic film, fallout from passing trains when you park at a railway station and even from passing birds. You may notice your paintwork lose its original smooth feel, as well as its shiny new glow which no amount of polishing can restore.

At Bumps and Scuffs, we’re experts at revitalising tired paintwork and restoring the good-as-new perfect finish of your vehicle. So, if you are selling your car or are simply fed up with its jaded look, book it in for a spectacular facelift – it will take years off its appearance (and add significantly to its value).

If you are seeking a full respray then look no further.

Perfection takes time and our full car resprays are no different. We will treat your vehicle with dignity and give it sufficient time to show it’s true colours.


Paintwork Revitalisation


Paintwork Revitalisation

Before we can even start thinking of painting, we must ensure that the bodywork is perfect before any paint job has started. Once everyone is happy with the condition of the bodywork, each panel of the car will be resprayed separately to ensure an even coating. Our resprays are aesthetic and provide a youthful look to your vehicle, no matter the age!

After the car respray has been completed, it sits in our low bake oven to ensure a lasting finish. 2 – 4 stage of polishing later, the whole team thoroughly checks it one more time to make sure that it is 100% perfect. We treat our customers’ cars like they are our own.

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