Working Together to Protect Car Insurance Costs

Recent reports have shown that over 1 million motorists do not inform their car insurance companies that they have had an accident for fear of the impact on their insurance premiums.

To remove any fear of a further hike in your car insurance premiums here are some of the reasons why you should work with Bumps & Scuffs in Farnham

  • If you report even a minor accident to your insurers you do run the risk of being regarded as a higher risk even if you have decades of incident free driving
  • Typically your insurer will refer any damage to an accident management company who, in turn, will engage one of their network of body shops.
  • The combination of their overheads and processes will add significant costs to the repair and even a relatively minor repair could cause your policy excess to be breached. If this happens your no claims bonus will be affected.
  • We are a local company whose core business is attending to small and medium size damage and, typically, your car will be returned to you on the same day
  • Common damage includes bumper scuffs and minor dents
  • Also, as we only fix the part of the vehicle that has been damaged, not only are the costs of these repairs significantly lower than those of the insurer route we are also able to return your car in the same day
  • In some cases we can source replacement parts at a much lower cost than having them repaired

Unfortunately minor bumps are inevitable.If you are unlucky enough to have one do consider alternatives to an insurance claim as these will be expensive

Bumps & Scuffs, in Farnham, deal with all sorts of minor accident damage repairs and will return your vehicle to you in pristine condition at a fraction of the cost of body repair shop and avoiding unnecessary insurance claims.
If you have had a bump or scrape please visit our Farnham site to obtain a FREE, no-obligation quotation. You’ll find our workshop located between the Shepherd & Flock roundabout and Homebase – download a useful map.

Whatever caused your ding, give us a ring!

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