The Wheel Issue: Why You Should Refurbish Your Alloys

We’ve all had that moment where we cringe at the sound of our alloys scraping the side of the kerb. With your fingers crossed (and hoping it isn’t as bad as it sounds) you look at the damage… but it doesn’t look good. After getting a little bit annoyed at yourself, it does make you think: that kerb came out of nowhere! But it also makes you wonder why do alloys seem to damage so easily?

Well, that’s because alloy wheels are made to be soft for a more dynamic ride as well as to keep your brakes cool. Made from aluminium as opposed to steel, they are able to bend around corners, allowing you to manoeuvre and brake more easily – and don’t forget they also make your car look immense!

It’s not all about looks…

The aesthetic quality of alloy wheels is pretty key to making your car look great (which makes it even more painful when you scratch them!) and if you are looking to sell your vehicle, it can put a lot of buyers off. Why? Because they see it as another expense they’re going to have to afford as well as a new car. So if you are thinking about selling your car that has scratched alloys, you might want to get them fixed up. This way you don’t have to worry about potential buyers ‘umming’ and ‘ahing’ about purchasing your car.

However neglecting your alloy wheels can also have some more damaging problems than just your image. If they aren’t cleaned or checked regularly then brake dust and erosion can build up. This can cause you to lose control of your car and if corrosion gets into your tyres, you could risk deflation – and nobody wants that!

What do you need to look out for?

Scratching your alloys on a kerb isn’t too damaging to your overall driving feel. However, it does make your car look like a banger. Driving over deep potholes on the other hand, can cause your alloys to crack, shatter or bend the wheel out of alignment, resulting in a whole new tyre having to be fitted.

Although, you shouldn’t just wait until you’ve had a run in with the kerb before getting your alloys checked. If you haven’t had a look at your wheels in a couple of years, it might be best to get them looked at by an expert. Even washing your alloys when your car is still warm or when it’s in direct sunlight can cause cracks!

Why use an expert?

Even just knowing that a professional is repairing your car can make you feel at ease. You can sit back and relax, knowing that your car is going to be fixed up in no time.

By using a specialist you can ensure your alloys get the right treatment – whether that means a quick touch up or a new wheel. So, even if they look brand new, they also feel brand new for a smoother drive and most importantly, a safer drive.

It’s Wheely Easy!

At Bumps and Scuffs, we’ll take a look at the damage and tell it to you straight, so you don’t get ripped off. Many of the leading Tyre and Exhaust centers refer their customers to us so why not come direct? This way your car is in safe hands and the job will be taken care of properly and efficiently, leaving a little extra money in your pocket too.

With our starting prices from £60 for an alloy wheel refurbishment, if you scuff them again you know you can trust our services to deliver you good quality wheels and not have to spend a fortune.

We also provide a quick and easy service, as we know how inconvenient things can be without a car. We can repair your minor scrapes or scratches, on a same day basis or if the damage is a bit more substantial we can return your car to you in a couple of days.

Contact us today to get your new wheels on the road!

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