Pothole Bingo

The government is listening to some of the motorists’ issues and one that is dear to our heart is the epidemic of pot holes. Whilst this has been good for business we look forward to the day when these become a thing of the past!

Local authorities are set to get a £420 million cash injection to help tackle the UK’s growing pothole epidemic.

However, as drivers contribute more than £45bn in motoring taxation every year, it really is not that generous. It remains to be seen how many of the famous pot holes in and around Farnham do disappear.

You can play your part in helping reduce problem potholes by spotting and reporting them.

To help with this we are setting out descriptions of the more common ones. When you do spot one simply call your local authority with the name:

  • The Great British Pothole: sometimes also referred to as The Classic. Sadly, this needs no introduction. More common in town centres than pigeons.
  • The Alcatraz: there’s no escaping this one. A pothole, or cluster of potholes, that are extremely difficult to avoid due to their size, location or number.
  • The Slalom: the collective name for a group, or groups, of potholes that have somehow escaped the attention of those that are supposed to carry out regular checks of our roads.
  • The Sniper: lurking just out of sight, this one will get you when you least expect it. Of varying depths and widths this is a pothole that is hard to spot which is normally found right in the path of your wheels.
  • The Alligator: it might not have teeth yet, but you won’t have to wait long. These are no longer just found in Florida: sadly, a plethora of crazy crack patterns just like an alligator’s skin are there for all to see on Britain’s roads – no need to book a wildlife trip.
  • The Canyon: Grand it isn’t! When construction joints open, chasms are created. Water gets in making matters worse until a river runs through it … and wheels fall into it. Bad news for drivers and vehicles, but a complete nightmare for two-wheelers.
  • The Fade to Grey: camouflage is best used by the army and a faded zebra crossing is no longer a black and white issue.

The list is much longer so the time has come for all of us to report these to your Local Authority. It is their responsibility to make sure that we, the public, come to no harm on the streets. Now that a budget has been made available there can be no excuses.

We serve a wide area from Farnham including Tilford, Frensham, Churt, Headley, Headley Down, Lindford, Bordon, Kingsely, Alton, Crondall, Church Crookham, Fleet, Aldershot, Farnborough, Camberley. So, whatever Local Authority covers those let’s hope we see a dramatic reduction in all types of pot holes soon.

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