Leased Cars and Their Return

Isn’t it wonderful when there is something in the papers that is not directly related to Brexit?

The publication of new car sales made interesting reading albeit there were some (well many) who did try and introduce Brexit to these but let’s ignore them for a while.

What astonished me was the fact that 90% of all private new cars are bought on dealer finance agreements. If you are one of these then please read on.

As explained within our website there are significant penalties when the car is returned with anything that cannot be classified as fair wear and tear. Also, the interpretation of “fair wear and tear” varies significantly among manufacturers

We estimate that the charges made by the lease and contract hire companies, especially in respect of high-end vehicles, can be three times the amount that we would charge.

And, as the new car sales indicate, we’re buying more imports and fewer British new cars. This generally means that these costs will remain at the higher end of the range.

It makes great sense, therefore, to bring your car to us to inspect. We can repair almost any damage and are happy to offer a free pre-return audit service for all customers – private and business alike.

What is important though is that you bring the vehicle in good time before it is due to be returned. Too frequently we are given no time to carry out the inspection and undertake the repairs. Just last week we were approached the day before the car was due to be returned. We did what we could in the timescale but, had we been given the car even two weeks prior to this, we could have saved the driver almost £1,000.

So do please consider the costs that will be charged by the contract hire companies. By bringing the vehicle to us in good time (we suggest one month before the due date of the return) the cost of repairs versus assessed penalty costs is optimised, reducing the amount you pay to a minimum.

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