Motor Car Insurance – Premiums on the Rise Again

Motor premiums are on the rise again

The average annual cost of a new policy rose to almost £600 last year. The AA said premiums were driven up by continuing problems with whiplash claims and consumers’ growing tendency to shop around for a new policy each year.

Other reports have suggested that the cost of motor cover has been pushed up by advances in technology.

Additions to cars such as parking sensors on bumpers have increased the cost of repairs after accidents. Insurers have warned that they may have to increase premiums after the cost of accident payouts rose.

The cost of cover rose most steeply for 60 to 69-year-old drivers, with best-buy policies up by 5.4% in the third quarter 0f 2016 to an average of £366. However, their premiums remained lower than other age groups.

Younger drivers continued to pay far in excess of other motorists, with the cheapest policies averaging £1,287, an increase of 3.6% since spring this year.

How Bumps & Scuffs can help

We can help in two ways.

  1. Even relatively minor knocks are expensive to repair. However, if you are thinking of utilising your insurance policy then discuss the level of your policy excess with us and we will do our best to provide a discount that allows you to have it repaired without recourse to your insurer.

This will also allow you to protect your No Claims Bonus which is becoming increasingly valuable

  1. If even after discussion with us you do decide to go down the insurance route then you do not need to collect any more quotes.

We have a tried and tested process that takes most of the strain from you.

  • We will email the detailed quote to you.
  • You should present it to your insurance broker, or company, and simply state that you wish us to carry out the repair.
  • Once the insurer has authorised your entitlement to claim under your policy ask them to contact us to agree the cost of the repair.
  • We will work with the insurance assessor and finalise the claim. This will involve breaking the quote down to show labour and materials and agreeing with the assessor.
  • Once agreed we will book you in and carry out the required repairs.

The other advantages of working with us include:

  • We are local and happy to discuss progress at any time.
    • As well as serving Farnham we have extensive coverage from Bordon and Alton through to Aldershot and Farnborough.
  • If there is any damage that has not been agreed by the insurer we will carry out these repairs at the same time and apply our multi-panel discount.
    • The old saying “every cloud has a silver lining” was never more apt.
  • Whether or not your insurer agrees to you having a courtesy car we will use our best endeavours to supply one.

And now for a little bit of bad news: some insurers, mainly the online ones, will attempt to penalise you if you nominate any body shop not on their panel. They do this by doubling the excess on your policy. If this proves to be the case do please contact us as we can normally arrange a mutually satisfactory outcome.

We look forward to being of assistance to you

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