Increased traffic in Bordon and Alton

If you are one of the 1500 or so people who have visited my workshop in Wrecclesham in the last two years you will know exactly where we are situated. The location on the busy A325 is a mixed blessing. It is highly visible and many of our customers were simply “just passing”.

Some mornings, and evenings, the traffic is so heavy that the tailbacks through Wrecclesham can extend for over a mile.

This is on the direct route between Whitehill & Bordon and Farnham. Work has already commenced in turning Whitehill & Bordon into a prosperous and sustainable green town.

What I have read makes it all seem very exciting and the intention is to deliver, among other things:

  • 3,350 new homes
  • 5,500 new jobs
  • a thriving new town centre
  • new schools

I know that new bypasses are being constructed around the Bordon area, all of which is fantastic news for the area.

Having looked at the map it appears that some drivers might divert to Alton and pick up the A31. However, as this road converges with the A325 just past Wrecclesham it is quite likely that the traffic tailback at peaks times will increase.

I am sure that such a well-considered development takes full account of the consequential impact and, so, I wonder if anyone knows of any plans to ease the additional pressure that all of the additional vehicles will pose for places like Wrecclesham?

If you find any more news about traffic improvements do let us know! Alternatively, instead of waiting in the traffic how about stopping by our workshop to get your car looking brand new with our range of car body repair services near Bordon or call us today on 01252 217 086 if you need any advice on your repairs.

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