Holiday Car Parking at Airports

With the holiday season in full swing more and more people are using the valet parking services at the various airports. In most cases the service is first class but there are some lessons that need to be learned.

What follows is a form of case study in how we, at Bumps & Scuffs, used our experience and customer focus to defuse a potentially litigious situation.

  • We were approached by a customer after he had returned from holiday. He had discovered that his car had been damaged whilst under the care of a leading valet parking company at one of the major London airports.
  • Despite there being no report of any damage being issued when the car was taken into their custody the valet company refused to accept any liability for the damage.
  • After lengthy dispute we were able to convince the valet company that the nature of the damage made it virtually certain that it had occurred whilst the car was in their custody.
  • Despite the valet company having the right to appoint their own repairer they were sufficiently impressed by the way we had argued on behalf of our customer that they waived their right.
  • No doubt the fact that we offer excellent value for money also helped.

We achieved what the client thought was impossible – we are always prepared to go that extra distance to ensure that our customers experience first class service even if they did not at the airport.

We should like to express our thanks to everyone in Farnham and district who continue to support local services.

Bumps & Scuffs, in Farnham, deal with all sorts of minor accident damage repairs and will return your vehicle to you in pristine condition at a fraction of the cost of body repair shop and avoiding unnecessary insurance claims.

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