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Every day more than 2,500 car crashes happen because of driver distraction?

A recent study by the science journal “Accident Analysis and Prevention” proved something of an eye-opener for insurance companies and driver organisations. The study showed that between 2008/2009 some 921,840 British drivers admitted crashing their car because they had been distracted by a member of the opposite sex (and, perhaps unsurprisingly, drivers hit lampposts or shunted other vehicles far more in the summer months).

Billboards were also highlighted in the study with both men and women admitting they could not resist taking their eyes off the road, especially where the ads featured underwear models.

That’s a lot of dents and kerbed wheels to repair. Any insurance claim will be expensive unless you can find an alternative way to repair the damage to your vehicle.

Bumps & Scuffs, in Farnham, deal with all sorts of minor accident damage repairs and will return your vehicle to you in pristine condition at a fraction of the cost of body repair shops…while saving your blushes (!) and avoiding unnecessary insurance claims.

Please visit our Farnham site to obtain a FREE, no-obligation quotation. You’ll find our car repair workshop located between the Shepherd & Flock roundabout and Homebase – simply click here to download a useful map.

Whatever caused your ding, give us a ring!

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