Extending the life of your car

Many people never wash and many never have it washed despite the multitude of places that offer this service.

All too often cars whose body work has been neglected are brought to me for repair and I invariably have to clean the damaged area prior to starting the repairs. However, that is a relatively minor issue. Keeping your car clean isn’t simply about pride of ownership: it can significantly extend its life, too.

  •       Grit and grime gets into moving parts and the chassis, leading to accelerated wear and corrosion.
  •      Winter road salt is especially corrosive, while bird droppings play havoc with paintwork.

Take your car to a hand wash, or simply do it yourself. Automated car washes have stiff brushes that may leave fine scratches – plus they miss bits, too.

Use a proper cleaning solution rather than washing-up liquid and dry the car using a soft chamois.

Polish the paintwork at least once a year to provide a layer of protection and attend to stone chips promptly to prevent rust spreading. I offer a mopping service that will restore much of the damage but there is no substitute for regular attention.

It’s also important to keep the inside of your car clean.

  • Using a protective spray on the dashboard plastics reduces the likelihood of cracking or discoloration. Placing a sunshade in the windscreen on bright days helps here, too.

Many of us have garages, but how many actually use them? OK, we’ll rephrase that: how many actually store cars in them?

As cars become larger and more corrosion-resistant, most are left on a driveway or road, with the garage effectively becoming an extension of the loft or garden shed.

Well, consider this your excuse for a clear out. Parking your car in a garage keeps it dry, clean and safe, reducing the risks of accidental damage, vandalism and theft.

It’s likely to cut your insurance premium, too. If you don’t have use of a garage, consider buying a high-quality car cover instead – particularly if you leave your car parked for long periods of time.

Working with Bumps & Scuffs

We can repair almost any damage to your car body and alloy wheels. We also offer a paint restoration service that will help restore the pride in your car. Being positioned on the busy A325 not far from Bird World we are easy to find and have extensive coverage from Bordon and Alton through to Aldershot and Farnborough as well as Farnham and district.

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