1,000 Good Reasons why Bumps & Scuffs will always be easy to find

The Bumps and Scuffs workshop is adjacent to the Shepherd & Flock roundabout in Farnham giving us a fantastic landmark when customers are seeking directions. In the two years we have been operating from the Bourne Mill Industrial Estate we have serviced almost 1,000 customers and are looking to celebrate by identifying the individual who actually does become our 1,000th.

  • Our move into newer,and better premises on the estate has enabled us to provide a much improved service to our customers so the landmark 1,000th customer will be identified very soon.
  • Once identified, we would like to present a little thank you present. It will not be possible to do this to all of the preceding 999 customers but, rest assured, every one is valued.
  • We currently service customers within a six mile radius of Farnham centre and include post codes GU9, GU10, GU11, GU12, GU13, GU14, GU51 and GU52.
  • It has been noticed that the local press is carrying a story about the Bourne Mill Industrial Estate being purchased by the owners of Premier Inns. We obviously do not think that this is in the best interests of local residents but it is certainly not in the interests of businesses such as Express Car Wash and ourselves or their many thousands of customers.
  • Like all the businesses on the estate we pride ourselves on being a local company. We should very much like to remain as one for many years to come and so continue to give service to thousands of other customers.

Rest assured all of the several businesses on the estate will do everything possible to remain on the site and so remain as easy to find as we currently are.

If you have had a bump or scrape please visit our Farnham site to obtain a FREE, no-obligation quotation. You’ll continue to find our workshop located between the Shepherd & Flock roundabout and Homebase – simply download a useful map.

Whatever caused your ding, give us a ring!

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