Up To 20% Off! – Our Autumnal Offer

Enjoy the Bumps & Scuffs Experience

Bumps & Scuffs has been trading in the Farnham area for almost 10 years. Like all businesses we have had our ups and downs but, thankfully, mainly ups as we continue to grow year on year.

We believe we have done this by a combination of:

  • Good service
    • Most repairs are completed on a next day basis which is considerably less than most body shops
    • All quotes are emailed within 24 hours
    • Courtesy reminders are sent 48 hours in advance
  • Technical competence
    • Our first-time satisfaction rate is 99%
    • There are very few jobs we cannot tackle
  • Referral business and repeat customers
    • Some 60% of our business is generated from referrals and repeat business
    • Our star customer has brought the same car back on six occasions!
  • Demonstrable value for money
    • We convert more than 60% of our quotes into orders

We would like your help in improving these conversion rates, especially where there has been damage to two panels or more. All we ask in return for offering these multi-panel discounts is that you provide a testimonial!

So, for the first 20 orders we book in October we are offering:

  • 10% off any repairs to two panels
  • 15% off any repair to three panels
  • And a whopping 20% off to four panels or more

We do not intend repeating this offer so do come and see us during October and be one of the twenty customers to enjoy the Bumps & Scuffs experience.

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