Our top tips for a DIY car valet.

With the arrival of the light Summer evenings cleaning the Winter dirt and grim off your car can reveal some unsightly car body dents and bumper scratches.

We all love that feeling of getting into a nice clean car. Gone are the doggy smells, muddy mats and bird droppings decorating your windscreen; a simple valet transforms your vehicle into a car you can be proud to drive.

Cleaning your car not only makes it look and smell nice, it’s also important in order to minimise wear and tear. For example, pollutants which collect on your vehicle can have a corrosive effect on paintwork the longer the residue is left to build up.

In addition, a regular, thorough clean and polish will also reveal any bumps, scratches or scrapes, as well as highlighting any damage to your alloy wheels. And when it comes to these minor bodywork issues, it’s always best to deal with them quickly before they become more of a serious problem requiring expensive and extensive repair later on.

All that said, you don’t necessarily want to be getting your car valeted every week – so how can you achieve a really professional finish when cleaning your car at home? Here are Bumps and Scuffs top tips for a great DIY valet:

1) No shortcuts. Tempting as it may be to bring out your jet washer, it’s always worth cleaning your car the old fashioned way – by hand. This will allow you to spot any paintwork issues as you go along. Start with a good rinse of water, then follow with a dedicated cleaning product before finishing with a wash using a soft sponge.

2) Proper cleaning products. DON’T be tempted by that bottle of Fairy on the windowsill. Invest in a proper car shampoo that will protect your body work.

3) Nooks and crannies. Once the body is done, wipe around the sills, car doors and other hard to reach areas – including those which aren’t normally exposed – with a damp cloth.

4) Wax on, wax off. Ensure your car is thoroughly dried off with a chamois leather, and then apply your wax. Try to do this in your garage and not in direct sunlight, or extreme temperatures, as this can make your product difficult to work with.

5) Don’t forget the interior. Give your boot, seats, upholstery and footwells a good vacuum. Wipe the dashboard and other hard surfaces with a damp cloth to collect dust and grime – you can also use a specific car interior cleaner. Avoid household polish and be especially careful not to use anything on your steering wheel which may make it too smooth or slippery.

Do make a note of any damage you find during the above processes such as scratches, dents, marked alloys and worn carpets. It’s easy to fix these problems with a fast, flexible and affordable service such as that offered by Bumps and Scuffs – just give us a call on 01252 217 086 and we’ll arrange a convenient time for you to drop your car in and get these issues resolved.

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