Car Park Prangs

It was recently reported in The Daily Mail that drivers have 1,400 car park prangs a day: vehicles
getting bigger and spaces staying the same size blamed for accidents that cost drivers £716m a year.

  • Fortunately most of these incidents are the result of low speed manoeuvres in relatively
    cramped car parks, with damage ranging from front and rear-end collisions to bumps to
    doors, buckled wheels and burst tyres. Personal injury is, therefore, very low.
  • There is little evidence that parking sensors have helped. Indeed we are often told that
    many accidents were caused because the radio was too loud!
  • Although manufacturers say features such as sensors make it easier, safer to park, there is
    no real evidence of this.
  • This equates to an average repair bill of more than £1,400.

Many of these are subject to insurance claims with all the associated costs and delays. However, if
you bring your car to Bumps & Scuffs we can repair most types of damage for about 20% of the
national average – and have your car back to you within a day or so.

From bumper repairs and minor dent removal to paintwork damage and alloy wheel repairs, there’s
nothing we can’t fix. We also look after business cars for companies and hire vehicles, so regardless
of who owns your car, we can provide a speedy, cost effective solution, solution to get you back on
the road and looking like new.

We also repair larger area damage so do please contact us for help and assistance with all car body

Whether the advent of driverless cars will help matters remains to be seen. Just to be on the safe
side maybe we should develop a Bumps & Scuffs app that would enable to driverless car to come to
us directly!

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